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General Information

TARNAV takes care of every single detail regarding the transfer to and from the AEOLIAN ISLAND.
The specific combination between LAND | SEE is the main characteristic of the EOLIAN Shuttle.

There are not fixed departures, trips have to be booked in advance.
For transfers are used always vehicles equipped with every comfort and suitable to the number of passengers.

 The transfer service is guarantee also for the route
 MILAZZO (harbour)  |  CATANIA’s Airport

EOLIAN Shuttle

is a collective transfer, provided for passengers that ask to make use of it, in the same day, at the same hour and with the same conditions.
The service is provided from  MARCH to OCTOBER , every day including public holidays.
You can book your transfer in connection with the time of departure or the arrival of the flight and we will take you directly to your destination.

Departures will be everyday at the following times:
from Milazzo
first departure 8.00 am
last departure 5.00 pm (also public holidays)
from Catania’s Airport
first departure 9.00 am
last departure 7.00 pm (also public holidays)



is a transfer that uses private vehicles.
The service is provided the WHOLE YEAR, including public holidays and also at night.

For transfers are used always vehicles equipped with every comfort and suitable to the
number of passengers.
Car (max 1-3 passengers)         |  Minivan (max 4-8 passengers) 
Minibus (max 9-16 passengers)  |  Media bus (max 28 passengers)
Bus Gt (max 51 passengers)      |  Double-decker Bus (max 78 passengers)

You can also book customised services to and from the
airport, port or train stations of REGGIO CALABRIA – PALERMO –MESSINA and/or halfway stops.

Trip Organisation

the trip is arranged paying attention to all people's needs.

Passengers arriving at Catania’s Airport
have to go to arrival gate where they will be welcomed by a TARNAV member staff. The EOLIAN Shuttle leaves the Airport about an hour for the arrival of the flight.  In case of flight delay the Client will be received on the next transfer service.

Passengers departing from the Aeolian Islands
after getting the ticket, can board the indicated ship by TARNAV. Passengers arriving in Milazzo will be welcomed and moved directly to the Airport.         

Passengers departing from Milazzo’s port
will board the first ship available departing for the island of destination.

During halfway stops, passengers can accommodate in our ticket-offices TARNAV in Milazzo (provided also of Luggage Depot).

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